Tennis Balls


Tennis is a great sport and actually a fairly simple one - we just make it complicated! However, taught well in the right environment, it requires just a little concentration and once the basics are learnt, you can enjoy the games benefits for a lifetime.

Choose how you want to be coached...

Whether you're a complete novice, a well versed player or just have a rusty racket and fancy getting back into the swing of things we're sure we can find something to suit you! Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Groups - entering our existing groups and playing with members of a similar standard including team / squad sessions for the more advanced player. Private Groups - If you and a bunch of friends want to get together and organise your own group for coaching we also offer private group lessons (providing you're all club members!)

Private Lessons - Of course, should you want to share a lesson with a friend or simply have an individual lesson with a coach that can be arranged too.

Even if you don't think coaching is for you, we think we can change your mind!

We believe in teaching with an emphasis on two things, learning and above all, enjoyment! Whatever your standard, tennis should be fun, so why not come along to any of our clubs and try out a group session?